simple yet professional web design

An effective on-line presence:

Utilisation of an on-line presence to enhance the image of your company, is often an overlooked tool in the business armoury.

A website that portrays a professional image of an organisation is a must when attracting customers, who in these times, often turn to the Internet to discover more about a company and it's values.

However some organisations tend to think about thier on-line presence as either an inconvienience or simply do not want to spend anything in development of such a site, and thus either do the work in house, or pick a template site from a web developer.

Whilst these solutions will provide a web site, the question that needs to be answered is;

" Does the web site portray the correct image of my business? "



What we can offer:

Some of the most important attributes that make a viewing of your site an enjoyable experience for your visitors are:

Content Functionality
Usability Speed

Therefore the sites we create are fast and functional, designed with style but with consideradation to usability. Sites that perform the task they are supposed to, whilst ensuring the visitors can find what they want, with greatest ease and minimum effort.

Use of technology (dHTML, Flash etc.) is used to create effective and efficient interfaces and experiences which re designed to compliment the site.

Contrast this to the 'just because you can' use of technology which is the method some sites employ, which leaves the user confused, or having to download large 'plug-ins' simply to view the site.

Vast experience within the business world in delivering what the customer wants, means that we ask the right questions, understand the client requirements and deliver the correct solution.